A destination is characterized by the activities it offers to its visitors. In collaboration with our experienced partners from we can suggest you an activity suitable for you through the wide variety that is available all year round for young and old.


Cross the snow with a fun snowmobile ride on selected routes. Be prepared with warm clothes and enjoy the snowy slopes of the dreamy Mountain of Parnassos.


If you are a cycling lover, all you have to do is choose a unique experience of climbing and descending by mountain bike in the enchanting Parnassos. With the advice and help of experienced guides, as well as your personal goals, you can safely enjoy a special journey

Forest wellness program with Yoga and Pilates

Yoga or Pilates? Whichever of these two you choose, we guarantee the absolute peace of body and soul. The sessions are held in the nature of Arachova and Parnassos to achieve complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Together with our experienced trainers you can eliminate stress and regain the peace you are looking for.


Snow, smiles, fun! All these takes one activity and that is skiing. In collaboration with our experienced teachers and the appropriate training, young and old become experts in skiing. Master the slopes of Parnassus by snowboarding or skiing with your loved ones, belted with the necessary equipment for a safe and fun experience in the snow.


One of the most popular extreme sports that one can experience on Mount Parnassus is climbing. With the necessary equipment, our specialized partners and the existence of special points for climbing, you can experience a new adventure that every fearless climber would like to live. Always gain new experiences safely.

Horse riding

If you are a lover of nature and horses, you can experience unique riding experiences with your loved ones, young and old, in collaboration with the Equestrian Club and explore every hidden aspect of Arachova with a fascinating ride.

Arachova’s local products

Each place offers something unique and has its own local products. That is why we cannot miss your acquaintance with the products of Arachova.

We organize a visit and a tour of a formaella production workshop, PDO Arachova cheese. Those who love local products are also given the opportunity to create their own cheese with the help of local producers. It is also possible to visit apiaries, giving a special basis to tell the story of how honey production began, its properties and history.

We also organize visits to local pastry workshops and visitors can try and at the end buy the sweets that impressed them the most. If you are a wine lover, it is worth choosing a visit for tasting wine in a cellar of local producers. Wine is one of the most popular drinks at every Greek table, which has dozens of nutrients that help fight various ailments and diseases.

Finally, the olive harvest is the most traditional Greek process after the summer months, which you can watch live with a visit to an olive press, when time is right.
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